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Thread: Youth protection policy question

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    I have no problem answering any of those questions, and I have had them all asked of me.
    -- I will admit to not being able to keep up with my teenage sons in a sprint anymore. Several decades of jumping on and off of tanks and running in combat boots tore up my knees, but I can still pass the new Army Combat PT Test (and make weight). 5K? I can do it, but "fun" and "run" have always been mutually exclusive terms for me. (Why do armor officers wear strap boots? As visible statement that we don't run anywhere.)
    -- I have my rabies vaccination...mandatory and smart for my last deployment to Western Africa. (That is a BIG needle!)
    -- Trying to get off the ground on just one engine was highly discouraged by both the USAF and the FAA (that one is actually a fairly common question)

    And you didn't ask about any of the truly STUPID things I have done in the air and on the ground (some with scars) and which I have no problem laughing at myself about.

    150 YE flown in the O-2 so far. Falling behind this year due to maintenance issues with the Sky Pig.
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    You miss the point I was trying to make. No one in the Y E program should be trying to denigrate either a parent , a child, or a volunteer, with hostile questions. It should not be a conflict, it ain't Alabama vs Auburn, its supposed to be a welcoming and friendly program, not one where you can fend off attacks by smart ass and negative people. That's not what we should be showing parents or kids. Thanks for flying so many.

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    No one missed the point. Someone made a joke. I don't know of anyone who would actually say that to a concerned parent. The only possible issue I see is a possible slight humor impairment. You might want to have that funny bone checked out during your next physical, Bill.
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    I think somewhere along the line we’ve reached a point in society that everybody looks at others with suspicion. I encounter this with my fins floats and fun program all the time. Every summer I take kids from both military families and disadvantaged families up North for a month of Fishing, Amphib Sea Plane Flying and General Minnesota Summer Staples of fun- Boating, Surfing, Wakeboarding and more. We work on life skills, flying skills, social skills and have a great time doing it. We encounter questions from parents all the time like “why do you want to help us” “what’s in it for you” are any “sex offenders on your staff” “Do you do background checks” and on and on. My girlfriend and I strongly believe in helping those that need it, doing whatever we can to change peoples lives for the better and having an extremely strong impact on the lives of kids. We live by the Golden Rule and Being our Brothers Keeper. I was raised to do whatever I can to help those in need. It’s hard to explain that philosophy to a parent who assumes the worst right off the bat. I wish we could back the clock up to a time when people helped people and didn’t have to worry about anything else. It’s a hard World to navigate today and I find working together with others who share the same outlook as myself makes it easier.

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