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The Interplane Skyboy is a kinda neat plane. I think it would be fun as well. It should have 582 engine so first thing I'd check is to see if it's a "Blue head" or a "Gray head" engine. One is not necessarily better than the other they just have to be operated slightly different. Need to know what kind of hrs are on the engine., Rotax recommends ~300 hr TBO. Should be able to determine overall condition of the plane in a few hrs. They are not overly complicated.

You need to long on to http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/forum.php and read the very extensive thread by a Skyboy owner. The site is down for maintenance at the moment or I would link to the thread on decalage angle under aerodynamics and new technology.

I would strongly recommend you walk or run in the other direction unless it is really dirt cheep. $2,000 to $3,000 max. I have not owned one but have followed the product and flown one. There is one at my local field that has been available and not flown for many (10?) years. I talked with the owner once. Like you he was looking for something to "just fly". It could fly but not well and is not inexpensive to operate. Resale is very difficult unless you find someone like yourself that does not know better.