I found a Solidworks model of an aerospace vehicle from my past. I downloaded it, planning on making a small keepsake of my involvement in the program using my 3D printer.

One problems: The Solidworks model is full-scale. My printer can't handle a 15-foot wingspan, and I'd have trouble finding a spot for it on my desk.

I've been experimenting with altering the design table to produce a scaled version of the original part. Have had two issues come up.

First, after transferring the dimensions to the design table, the "save" icon on the Excel interface is grayed out. I can't apparently save the updated version. However, if I just click on the main drawing area, the design table is apparently accepted by the program. Is that's the way it's supposed to work?

Second, the scaled alternate configuration produces a bunch of errors. I seem to have traced it down to the fillets...they don't scale down with the design table (eg, tries to keep a 40 mm radius fillet on a model 100 mm in size). Any quick way to fix that? I'm going through and manually changing the radii, and it's a bit of a slog.

Ron Wanttaja