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Thread: Homebrewers at Airventure 2019

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    Homebrewers at Airventure 2019

    As an avid homebrewer, I was wondering if there are other homebrewers planning on attending AV19? Would love to get together and sample each others brews!

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    I used to homebrew but sold most of my equipment while I was in college. My friend still homebrews and will be attending with me, I'll mention this thread to him.

    Another idea would be a craft beer exchange. Maybe brews with aviation themed names?

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    Sorry for the tardy post. I've been involved in a move to Florida over the past few months and forum reading/posting has taken a sabbatical during that time. Anyway, I home brew and might have my brewery back up and operating in time to bring some homebrew. If I do I'll be bringing an Oktoberfest and an Oatmeal Stout. The bigger decision will be whether to bottle or keg. 1 have two 1.75 gallon cornies and a dual regulator with picnic taps that make good mobile setup.
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    Does the beer coffin guy still attend? I've looked for his site the past several years.

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