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Thread: Am i just too old?

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    I have always tried to be a good and mostly SAFE pilot and I think largely I've done that, I think Ive certainly been better than average, there are a lot of days when I'd grade myself at least a solid B+ , maybe even A-. And there was a time when I was a pretty good skier, at least for a Texan. Have you ever seen a Texan try to ski? It's a lot like a politician trying to tell the truth, it is possible in theory, but not often easily or readily done. My sons are of course excellent skiers., the older one was a fine racer, his school won the state championship when he was a junior. He says, without joking, "Dad you are the best skier I know from Texas." Anyway, our snow this year if beyond good, and I went skiing. With my sore knee and sometimes sore back and just not being anywhere near race shape, I am now for sure a lot better pilot than a skier. I think that is a sure sign of being old, but maybe from a safety standpoint not such a bad thing. Flying is much about judgment and the brain doesn't age like the body does. Good eyesight helps a plot , but fast reflexes and good balance on your feet are not needed by a pilot so much as a ski racer.
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    I've been both a pilot and skier. The advantage of flying over skiing is that it's a lot easier to service or replace a weak landing gear on an airplane.

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