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Thread: STC'd experimental avionics - Continued Work?

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    STC'd experimental avionics - Continued Work?

    With the STCs for Dynon EFIS and Truetrak AP, there was a lot of talk about this opening the door to other experimental avionics in certificated aircraft.

    Have any other experimental avionics companies announced STC intentions?

    As I look at older certificated LSA qualifying aircraft where every pound of useable load matters, I cannot help but notice the lighter weight (and lower cost) of solid state electronic instruments. For example, I would love to see MGL get an STC for its V16 radios and Vega heads because 2 V16 radios and Vega heads weigh 5 lbs less than a narco nav/com (without CDI).

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    There is an STC for the Trio Avionics ProPilot autopilot in several certificated aircraft:
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    Maybe the alphabet orgs should consider getting the FAA to view non STC’ed avionics installed in type certified aircraft as safety enhancements but not for use for IFR flight.
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    The process to have an STC approved by the FAA has gotten prohibitively expensive and the potential market just isn't there. I think organizations like AOPA, EAA etc have to pick their battles with the FAA and this ain't one of them.

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