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Thread: Spark Plug CHT Probes

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    Spark Plug CHT Probes

    We had to use the spark plug type probes for CHT on our O-200. I've looked everywhere and cannot find any information on installing these other than do not use a crush washer.

    Is there anything to be done each time a spark plug is removed? I usually throw away the crush washer and install a new one, can't do that with $50 probes. Are these made out of some special material that can be reused over and over again? If so then why aren't the spark plug washers made of the same stuff?

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    The probes are re-usable if you torque the spark plug correctly. They don't make the simple gaskets out of the same material because it would be 20x as expensive. No one would buy them when they can buy inexpensive copper ones. And you can reuse the copper ones if you torch anneal them before reinstalling them. Works good.

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