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Thread: Aircraft construction and restoration DVDs offered from Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC

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    Aircraft construction and restoration DVDs offered from Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC

    Hello EAA members,

    I am the former Curator of the EAA Museum and have been building and restoring antique aircraft for a number of years.
    I offer a complete line of full length DVDs on my company's web site for builders like your self to learn antique aircraft
    building and restoration techniques. My DVD titles include:

    Aircraft Wood Working-I a 2 DVD set 2 hrs long. Topics covered: Selection and use of

    hand tools, table/band saws, building jigs and fixtures, building your own wood bending

    steamer and how to use the steamer, shaping wood, routing/splicing spars and parts.

    Many great tips and suggestions for the aircraft restorer and/or builder.$59.95 plus

    $7.55 shipping and handling.

    Aircraft Wood Working-II sequel to our 2 disk DVD with information and demonstrations

    as I continue to build a Curtiss Jenny wing. Learn how to form oval shaped trailing

    edge tubing, how to make and use simple and complex forming jigs for your wings and

    elevator trailing edges, working with patterns for sheet metal forming and much more.
    A large amount of information crammed into 1 hr of viewing pleasure. $39.95 plus $7.55

    shipping and handling.

    Aircraft Cable Splicing. Ever wonder how they use to do those aircraft cables and wire

    ends? Well we are here to show you with my video on making 5 tuck navy splices. Many

    great hints and suggestions are provided during this 48+ minute long DVD for the

    aircraft builder. $39.95 plus $7.55 shipping and handling.

    Casting Metal Parts. 1 hr DVD showing hands-on instructions on cast your own metal

    parts in Aluminum and Brass. Step-by-Step instructions for: safety, materials, pattern

    making with and without a computer, all your tools required, making your own Cope and

    drag out of wood. Types of casting Sands, the proper way of melting your metals, how to

    cleaning up your cast parts. We walk you through each step of the process for making

    your own for casting are provided at the end of the Video. $32.95 plus $7.55 shipping

    and handling.

    Irish Linen and Dope Covering. 2 hr, 2 DVD set covers everything from setting up your

    sewing machine, to sewing feld seams, to making slip covers for your wings and tail

    feather, how to attach the covers to your plane, how to do your rib stitching, all the

    way through finishing your plane's aircraft and even if you are going to use modern

    covering materials you will learn a great deal. $59.95 plus $7.55 shipping and


    Entire set sells for $235.00 with free shipping. Visit my web site for sample vides and

    more details for ordering. Attachment 7603

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    I bought some of these videos a few years ago. Very well done.

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    Thank you Mike. I am glad you enjoyed my video. These DVDs came out of our successful 3 day classes we use to hold at my old workshop in Keswick, VA. I wanted to reach more people with the skills and information I have learned over 30 years of working on antique aircraft. That's the EAA spirit, I believe.

    John Gaertner
    Blue Swallow Aircraft, LLC
    Free Union, VA USA

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