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Thread: Adding a second throttle control for center stick aircraft.

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    As 1600vw says, "nothing in aviation is simple". And as others here are saying, it CAN be done. My little comment: when I bought a used 2004 E/AB factory-built plane, the seller showed me a 2nd throttle cable in the parts box, saying "We took it off because it wasn't working well and we had to give up after trying a few things". This is a standard coil-sheathed flexible cable attached directly to the carb. A Bing carb that is on thousands of engines worldwide.
    I don't know what kind of mechanics they were, etc., but my point is it's not just a straight no-brainer.

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    Based on many of the answers here, and some other information gained, I decided against this plane because adding the second set of controls was just too much. Thank you for all of your help.

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