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Thread: Interest in reprints of Rohr 2-175 Fanjet book by Richard Fraser

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    Interest in reprints of Rohr 2-175 Fanjet book by Richard Fraser

    Hi All,

    I have been in contact with the author of the book on the Rohr Fanjet. Unfortunately the book is out of print however if there are enough orders he is willing to get a small print run done.

    The 164 page paperback book (with colour) contains information on the design, development and construction including drawings, photos and commentary by Don Westergren the test pilot on the development of this unique aircraft.


    If you'd like to add a unique aircraft book to your collection... consider buying this for yourself for xmas

    The cost is US$19.98 + shipping. Please reply to this thread if your genuinely interested in being added to the list of purchasers. If there is enough interest I will contact everyone with the authors details so that he can organise a print run.

    I am trying to generate interest for 22 more books for a print run hence the need to get a response rather than just directly contacting the author.



    Disclaimer: I have not seen the book and have no relationship with the author or the publisher.

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    I was employed at the Rohr Riverside plant in 1973 as a buyer. My first real aerospace job after college. I purchased some of the materials required to build this thing. It was a secret program and the only part I ever saw for this plane was the wing tip. Until now I've never actually saw a picture of this plane. Always wondered what it looked like. Thanks for bringing back great memories.
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    Hi Gerry,
    Some rare footage is now youtube of the test flights.
    From the description:
    Walt Mooney was hired as chief designer; Bill Chana, Engineer and Project Administrator, Mike Voydisch - Propeller and Duct Design, Don Westergren - Vertical Stabilizer design and Test Pilot, and Bob Fronius - Shop Foreman

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    I've noticed over the years that fan-jet tech pops up every so often on a new design A/C. And then disappears. Fan-jet is proven tech, substantially enhancing thrust for a given horse power. So why is it still in the basement?

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    Does anyone know why it only flew twice?

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    In my humble opinion... one generally does not simply abandon a viable project after that much time, effort and money has been plowed into it. Applying some basic logic, I would guess that if it only flew twice it did not meet the design goals, probably by a pretty wide margin. Whether the goal or goals not met were safety of flight, controllability, performance, viability for production or whatever -- that would be anyone's guess, except for the owner and test pilot.

    Just my guess.
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