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Thread: Unhappy with service from vendor

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    Unhappy with service from vendor

    In July of 2017 I purchased what I hoped would be a simple solution to fuel quantity from James Wiebe at Belite.
    It looked,,in the video like a simple system and would serve my situation.
    Short story,,,it didn't work. I re calibrated it twice, entailing draining the tanks and refilling them with programming at each level.
    I have had numerous conversations with Mr Wiebe and now I see he has a "new improved" system that will not work with any of my existing equipment.

    I suggested he trade me and his reply was "I can't re sell it". No kidding, it doesn't work.

    I suggested he give me some credit toward his new system,,,,this has been met with silence.

    My silence has been broken.

    I had to put up with Blue Mountain Avionics STEALING MONEY from me so Now I'm getting a little cranky about getting screwed.

    I am in the retail Hardware business, I have a keen sense of what good service is.

    I expect better.

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    Did you ask for a refund?

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    Thanks for the heads up. If everyone would report who the poor vendors are it would save newbie's like myself some hard lessons learned.

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    Some time it is not so easy. I bought a device that did not work...sent it back to maker twice...they checked it and found it worked just fine, but it won't work for me.

    I mentioned this on another web site and that site's monitors deleted my posts because (I suspect) the maker was a donor to the site and they didn't want a donor's product to be criticized.

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