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Thread: Let's discuss-- Part 103.17-- ultralight flight in Class-E-to-surface "extensions"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Berson View Post
    I think you can get some ATC guidance from Advisory Circular 103.6 (AC 103.6)

    Unfortunately, AC 103.6 appears so far out of date and was created before class E airspace was invented.
    You would need more current advice.
    Surface area of class E airspace designated for an airport existed, it just went by a much simpler name: "Control Zone"

    I agree with Marty. Surface Area of class E airspace designated for an airport includes the class E extensions to class D airspace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Berson View Post
    There are some well trained pilots with pilot certificates that fly ultralights. Of course Part 103 doesn't spell out the details of how a trained or untrained 103 pilot would get "prior authorization", but it does suggest that authorization may be granted. So the details of the particular "permit" that ATC might issue would take into account the training, Certificates, etc, of the permittee, I suppose.
    That's a lot of supposing....
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    Feel free to provide pertinent facts, it's been six days since the question was posed here.
    I can also say the FAA does issue Notams as a form or "prior authorization". In the case of Airventure a Notam is issued for ultralight operations and requires pilots attend a morning class or review for procedures.
    I "suppose" ATC may have issued prior authorization in a continuous Notam for the ultralight runway that was at Port Angeles International airport. I don't know if the ultralight runway is still there, since ultralights hardly exist anywhere now.

    I just read in the AMA journal that FAA may require model aircraft pilots pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test.
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    Some years back a group of us were flying powered paragliders from a sod farm within a class D area, about 3 miles south of the airport. We got our "prior authorization" with a phone call to the tower before taking off; one call for all of us for the afternoon. The agreement was that we would stay 3 miles south of the airport and below 300' until clear of the class D.

    Unfortunately some moron in a powered parachute (not one of our group and without calling the tower) wrecked it by repeatedly buzzing the town about a mile and a half from the airport. After that, no more permission even though we told them it wasn't one of us. Pity, it was a great spot to fly.

    (cameras weren't as good back then)

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