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Thread: Glasair I FT Autopilot servo

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    Glasair I FT Autopilot servo

    I have an EZPilot autopilot and while using it my aileron stick will occasionally jerk to the left or right and never seems to fly straight.
    The manufacturer of EZpilot said that I may need to have my servo sent in for calibration. I've looked under the seats and wings and I
    cannot find where the servo is located. Any ideas?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mustang98 View Post
    ..Any ideas?
    Therein likes the rub with any E-AB airplane: Pretty much each one is different. The servo location, or at least the suggested location, might be shown in the plans. Or it might not.

    Fortunately, airplanes tend to be fairly simple. The servo will be somewhere along the roll control system circuit. If you just follow the push-pull tubes from control stick out to each aileron, you'll probably find the servo somewhere along there. You might also try following the wires from the AP.

    I know that in the RV series airplanes, builders often install the servo in one of the wings, driving the bellcrank that connects the spanwise push-pull tube with the smaller push-pull tube back to the horn on the aileron. So if it's not under the seat right at the control stick, that might be a good place to look next.

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