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Thread: The damndest things

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    The damndest things

    We have a Jodel with a freshly re built C85 and after a few hours one mag was dead.
    It took a bit of sleuthing but we finally determined it was the left one.
    One of the tests we did was pull the plugs, hold the wires and spin the prop. All the wires had spark.
    Both mags were working so we put it back together, spanked it, and,,,,,,still one dead one.
    So,,, off comes the mag and we are looking at it, kicking horse turds wondering where we are going to find the grand for a new mag when we are just out 14k for a motor overhaul.
    My buddy George pulls the points cover off the Bendix mag and says "is there supposed to be a screw lying in here".
    The screw holding the point cam had come loose and was lying in the case.
    When we pulled it thru by hand the screw wasn't touching the points but when we ran the engine vibration let it touch the points and grounded them out.
    A bit of locktite and she runs like a top again.
    Both mags had impulse couplers so it was easy to time. They both snap together and it turns out they were bang on. Simple.

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    Yep, a head slapping moment we've all had!
    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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