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Thread: Warbird Weekend in Dallas

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    Warbird Weekend in Dallas

    The CAF has their airshow and related events at Dallas Exective aiport, the former Redbird just east of Love Field and south of Adison this weekend Oct 27,28. There are also some things going on Fri night, incudihng a dinner I believe. The B-29 Fifi will be there and should be a good time. And probalby a lot better food than at my other favorite aviation event up north. Texas Bar B Q and Dr. Peppers are a lot better than cheese curds and Pepsi, aka corvis oil, not to mention great Mexican food for all those who like it spicy.
    You can fly in to Ex or Southwest has good service right inio town or drive in. This time of year the weather is cooling off some and might be in the 80"s I think they have some special focus on kids and may be some school kids there too,
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