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Thread: Important Chapter Website Notice?

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    Important Chapter Website Notice?

    dear chapter web editors and presidents,

    important chapter website notice:
    it has come to our attention that the websites hosted through eaa with are experiencing an error when viewed on a mobile device. This error claims that the site is unsafe and does not allow users to proceed. The sites are still completely safe, the message is simply an error with the mobile platform. is working on the issue, but has not set an expected date of resolution. Eaa is requesting that any chapters utilizing the platform turn off their mobile sites. This allows any mobile device that visits your chapter site to access the same page as your desktop computer.

    to turn off your mobile site follow the simple steps below.

    1. Log on to your chapter website.
    2. In the top menu underneath the “webs” logo click on the “site settings” menu.

    I just received the above mentioned via email yesterday. This is my first time of ever hearing of this site. Is this site legit?
    And if so, can someone explain what it is?

    Thank you,
    Robert "Bob" Ferguson, EAA #1228198
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    Starting in July, 2011, EAA contracted with to provide chapters a web site in the domain It's paid for through a donation to EAA from the Paul Burgher Chapter Fund. You can contact the chapter office to get administrative access to your chapter's site.

    They have some templates for basic web pages. It's intended to provide a common chapter format, and make it easier for every chapter to have an internet presence, although you can still maintain a chapter web site outside of this environment.

    I haven't seen the error the letter mentions, but I have seen some strange formatting on the mobile version chapter pages there.
    The webs site doesn't use SSL, so that's probably the first reason for getting an error. Chrome is getting pretty obnoxious on stopping visits to http:// sites and wants everything to use https://

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    Yes, it's legit. Several years ago EAA started providing the chapters with free websites. The addresses are <chapter-number>, so yours would be They are hosted by, and you have to log in through there to edit the site. E-mail to get the login info. I believe they sent the info to the web editors and/or the presidents at the time, but that info may have not been passed down over the years.

    I see you already have a web site, and I think many chapters who had one, simply put a link to it on the EAA provided site.

    Dave Claxon
    Ch 29 Newsletter/Web Editor

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