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Thread: EAA Certification Guide Comments

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    EAA Certification Guide Comments

    I picked up this package from the EAA booth at Sun 'n Fun. This is absolutely the best advice and help any homebuilder could ask for. The hints on filling out the forms, and the checklists made my process very smooth and error free. I also used a lot of the labels and the ID plate included in the kit.

    I had already reserved my N number and submitted my registration to OKC using the Guide instructions. I had my registration in a week. I made contact with the appropriate DAR for my aircraft, submitted all the forms, and followed the Guide's instructions. The DAR never specifically asked for a Program Letter, but I did one anyway, and lo and behold, he asked for it when he did the inspection. The time with the DAR went very smoothly, all the paperwork was in order, and I had my Airworthiness Certificate.

    I should mention that I built my kit at the factory, not in my home state. The DAR was from the factory area, so could only approve flight test in that region. At the same time I made initial contact with the DAR, I also copied my home FSDO to let them know I wanted to do Phase I flight testing at home. This turned out to be fortuitous. The FAA Rep from my home FSDO called, gave me his contact info, and asked me to keep him in the loop. When I received my AWC, I also copied my home FSDO, and within a week I had a modification to my Conditions and Limitations authorizing me to test at my home airfield.

    I then made an appointment with the FSDO to interview for my Repairman Certificate. My only comment about the Guide checklist is that a few items maybe should be added to the list on page 21. I had prepared the Fabrication & Assembly Checklist because the DAR had asked for it. I took that to the RC interview even tho the FAA rep had not asked for it, but it turned out to be helpful. The FAA rep also asked to see my Condition Inspection checklist, and the recommended Maintenance Schedule. He had not asked for these prior to the interview, and they are not on the checklist, but fortunately, I had brought all my documentation with me, just in case.

    I now have a fully registered, certified aircraft, and I have my Repairman Certificate, thanks in large part to the help from the EAA Certification Guide. I can't stress enough how important is dotting the "i" and crossing the "t" , and attention to detail. If you have it right the first time, you'll sail through.

    And I know you'll be skeptical, but the FAA folks at the FSDOs were very helpful and responsive, I couldn't have asked for better service.

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    Yep, it's one stop shopping for the forms and process.

    I cheated and had the FAA man do the inspection, and so filled out the repairman certificate stuff on the spot after he cleared the airplane for flight.
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