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Thread: Solidworks dimensioning question

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    Solidworks dimensioning question

    Hi, Does anyone know how to get vertical dimensions to look like that one I circled? Before anyone comments, I photoshopped that circled dimension to look like I wanted. Solidworks does it like the "X'd" out dimensions.
    I have tried changing the drafting standard from ANSI to all the others under document options. I've tried changing the extension offset to zero. I've tried centering the text under doc settings. That only works for horizontal dimensions, not vertical. Does anyone know? thanks!
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    Hi Pull Up Now,
    Nice name - your mummy must be very proud of you.

    Try this: Pick the dimension, then under the Leader tab pick Leader Style and check the Custom Text Box, and then choose the option Broken Leader, Horizontal Text

    I think that will make your mummy even happier .

    Have fun

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