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Thread: wing rib material needed for Stinson SR-9 - aluminum square tubing

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    wing rib material needed for Stinson SR-9 - aluminum square tubing


    I am looking for a source of 5/16" aluminum square tubing with 0.010 walls as originally used on the Stinson Reliants, SR-9C.

    If that is not available, where can I get 8 foot sheets of T-4, 0.010? (only if I have to make my own square tubing.)

    If that is not available, I am open to recommendations on 5/16" square material that I can use, and the supporting FAA basis.

    These pieces span from the leading edge to the tailing edge to provide the airfoil shape to be covered by fabric.

    Thanks (I also have 3 Reliants to return to service)

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    Ive had good luck with mid states aluminum making custom extrusions. The cost is not that high and you can usually sell what you dont need and recoup quite a bit.

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    Extruders told me they can't easily do thin wall under .020" for the 1" square tubing quote I requested. Maybe they do 5/16" thin wall.
    K&S Metals might have something.
    The .010 sheet is usually sold as "foil". Normally 1100 half hard. Perhaps 5052 half hard.

    How would you make square tube from sheet?
    Or is it square channel?
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