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Thread: Scared To Fly

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    You can take some of the stress and uncertainty off by participating in the FAA Wings program. Take a couple of free on-line courses, and three instructional flights according to the syllabus the FAA Safety Team site will recommend for you (based on the information about your flight experience that you provide.) The result -- completion of the basic Wings phase -- counts as a flight review. If, after those three flights you think you still need some more work, go ahead and get some more. The FBO you took the lessons from may have additional local check out requirements, but these should be able to be incorporated in the three WINGS instructional flights.
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    Scared to fly. The right instructor makes a world of differance. A good, and much younger friend of mine, he's almost like a son to me, has his CFI now and we went flying today. First time I've been in the left seat in 15 months and to say I'm a bit rusty is an understatement ! The first T/O and climb out was really bad, I was all over the place with the rudder. I think doing the rudder dance in the Champ has caused me to forget how to fly a 172 ! Anyway, the point is, I got better each place we landed and we had a few good laughs along the way. I only scared his mule a couple of times and we're going to fly some more next week. I'm still wating to hear from the FAA about my 3rd class and since I'm blind in one eye I'll probably have to fly with an FAA guy should they deem me worthy. My buddy was pretty hard on me and that's what I need, but along the way we laughed and he gave me good pointers that no other instructor ever has. I think I'll stick with him, plus, he doesn't charge me. lol

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