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Thread: Communciation Resources for Chapters

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    Communciation Resources for Chapters

    Hello. I'm the assistant secretary for EAA 260 (Bult Field, IL, C56) and have been asked to help put together an email template that can be used for official communications regarding upcoming events, etc.

    Does EAA provide any mailing list management or other tools chapters can use for this purpose? What about web site hosting, etc.? Email addresses on the domain? Any guidance will be appreciated.


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    EAA does provide web hosting . Your web site should be I'm on a tablet right now, and it looks like the mobile version that I get redirected to is messed up. I looked through the Chapter Resources pages, and the chapter leader handbook, but I couldn't see a reference to it. Send a message to for access instructions.

    They don't provide email addresses on the domain primarily since each chapter is a separate legal entity. If you want your own domain, some chapters still use It looks like something grabbed your domain, through May, 2020, but .com is available. Be careful when you search for a domain name. Some companies register the name if you don't immediately purchase it, and try to sell it back at a tidy profit. (FYI, your .org is registered through GoDaddy {hint}) I use NameCheap.

    The site is run through It provides templates for several pages, but doesn't do mail lists.
    I have chapter 1310 on our own hosted site and have added Phplist to handle mail distribution. It's like a mini Constant Contact system.
    If you're a 501(c)3 organization, you can get a free 50 user license to Office 365 through Techsoup. I have Office handle our email, but the rest of the site is hosted through Stablehost. (Search for discounts if you decide to go with them). Unfortunately, Office 365 also doesn't do external mail lists or host web pages.
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    Thanks for all this, Paul. Much appreciated. We currently have -- I wasn't aware of the nomenclature, but am looking into it. The current domain owner might be a former member.

    I've also reached out to to get some guidance on hosting, etc. There has been a leadership transition in the chapter so there are several updates we need EAA to make for us.

    Thanks for your pointers. Again, much appreciated!

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