The following is copied from the web site where a 2011 ultralight design thread was recently revived. You may want to check it out. A challenge to you all carryover

A challenge to you all
Originally Posted by stan40353

I’m back finally.

To which the following reply was posted.

And school is back in session. It is time to relight this project and see if something can be built this winter.

This is a roll call to see who is aboard with a GO.

I still am undecided on the power plant so a glider is under consideration but some engine is likely so as to have the 155 pound 103 unpowered limit not be a limitation. I am concerned that this would kill the plan for many potential builders.

Is there support for a new and improved hang glider? Keeping cost under control/no Swift clone. Emphasis on utility and portability without sacrificing performance. Incorporating improvements to control and maneuvering. Having the potential to add self launch power when desired.