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Thread: Reno Race Number Doubts?

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    Reno Race Number Doubts?

    Alton Marsh has a small article about the Reno Air Races upcoming in Sept. One number caught my eye and seems off. It says there are 150,000 people who bring $600 million to the local economy. $600 million is a lot of money. Lets assume the attendance really is 150,00 which is not likely one day, but may be for the week. If we divide $600 million by 150,000 we get $4000 which is what each and every person would have to spend to account for the total. And that means not just the head of a family but each spouse or child. Id guess the accurate figure might be $6million or even $60 million, otherwise the numbers may have come from the famous audit firm of Spicer and Sanders.
    The EAA gave Airventure figures as $130 million spending in the greater Osh area and another $41 million statewide totalling $171 million and attendance, I think about 550,000. These figures equal about $311 per person if my math is correct which seems more reasonable even a little low, but some people come for only a couple of days not the whole week.
    What do you think? By the way if you have never been to the races it is something that should be seen, just as Airventure is. This may not be the year though, if as Alton writes the 4 top unlimited planes will not be racing. For me anyway, while there are other planes like jets that go fast and other groups like T-6s that may have a close bunch, Reno without Strega or Rare Bear or Voodoo is a bit like going to a football game to see the place kickers. Part of this may be that I know some of the fighter pilots or T-6 ones but not the jet guys or ladies. Ive flown with Tiger Destefani of Strega and Steve Hinton. Sr. and met John Penny who flew Rare Bear.
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    Averages. Some of the sponsors/race teams spend way more.

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