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Thread: O Hare airport backgound

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    O Hare airport backgound

    Millions of us pass through Chicago's airport every year, and some like EAA members may know why it is named that or even see the FM2 Wildcat displayed on one of the terminals. And we may think also what else is Chicago famous for, ie the gangster era under Al Capone and baseball and good hot dogs and once even good football, and of course the first research that led to the atomic bomb.
    How many know a connection of two of these?
    During the Capone era a very prominent and succesful lawyer represented him, the lawyer was "Easy Eddie" O Hare. Eventually his conscisene got the better of caution and he testifed against the mob. He was shot down on the street less than a year later. He had lived the good life, his mansion was on a full block downtown, but he had a son whom he loved and wanted to teach a more honest view of life to.
    The son was Butch who became famous as a Wildcat pilot in the Pacific when alone the attacked a Japanese formation and shot down five planes. He recived the Medal of Honor for this. Sadly he was shot down and lost a year later, but his memory lives on. His Father, wherever he is must be proud.
    This story is from my Spitfire society booklet, HIGH FLIGHT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Greenwood View Post
    His Father, wherever he is must be proud.
    He is, but like Luca Brasi, he sleeps with the fishes.

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    And why is the ident ORD? The area used to be an apple orchard.
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    The land upon which the airfield sits was originally a farming site called Orchard Place. Later Douglas aircraft build military transports and flew them out of Douglas Airport which was renamed Orchard Field Airport when Douglas left. The Orchard designation stuck thus ORD.

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    Great history, thanks for the post.

    I have a Butch O hare cutout that goes on many flights as my copilot. Free in the terminal by the Wildcat.

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