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Thread: Need help trying to find a Grandpa and 2 boys

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    Need help trying to find a Grandpa and 2 boys

    Hello, I wanted to post this to see if anyone knows the contact info for a small family I met.

    I'm looking for the contact information from a Great Grandpa and his two Great Grandsons whom I met while camping at the
    2018 Oshkosh airshow - we had a small RV, they had a car and large tent. We were all at the Camp Scholler campground, at Cedar Ave and Stits Rd.

    They were campers right next to us and I got to know them just a little bit, but enough to know that their situation was unique. The man was a Great Grandfather (73), from Illinois if I remember correctly, taking care of his two Great-Grandsons all by himself. He had lost his wife two years ago, and the kids' mother had passed away as a result of a drug overdose at some point in their lives. I quickly realized that their situation was a little different because while my kids played with the boys, they shared with us that they were once four in the family (with their Great Grandmother) and now they are just three. I went to talk to the man and never got his name.

    This is what I know, his Great Grandsons are named Jenson (4) and Aiden (6). They are the same ages as my kids. The man is a pilot but doesn't fly much. I'm hoping maybe he is part of a chapter maybe in Illinois but it could be Indiana or Ohio. They drove to the airshow in a day - that is, morning to afternoon on Tues, July 24th, 2018. They left the airshow on Thursday morning. I thought I would run into them again before we all parted ways but sadly I'm left wishing that I had exchanged information.

    I would really like to see if I can find them so I can personally extend some support to them. He said he was a pilot but doesn't get to fly much these days. I'm hoping somebody knows him or he is part of a chapter maybe in Illinois. If you know anything about this family, please reply or message me at . Thank you! The boys names again are Jenson who is four and Aiden who is six from Illinois (I think this one), Indiana or Ohio. They were at the 2018 Oshkosh Airshow.

    Thank you for reading.
    Julie W, Hollywood MD
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