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I just heard a radio talk yesterday about tariff effects on air conditioners. A lady in Austin had her unit go out in 100+ heat and while she was able to get a new one installed in days, the price was 10% or so higher which the company attributed wholly and directly to new tariffs on metal, used in the units. I dont know much about tariffs despite my degree in finance/economics, just never considered that we might have such a trade war. I dont know who they help, I met a farmer at Oshkosh who said they hurt his business. Im sure the hurt the airplane builders as well as auto manufactures.
So this tariff that just went into effect, effected this air conditioner that was built I am sure before this tariff went into effect. I myself call this price gouging. Sounds like how gas stations work today. The price of gas can go up and they go and raise the price right then. Instead of waiting until they purchase more fuel at this higher cost. No one says a word. I see this as price gouging.