Hi! My family and I are eager to find more information about what could be a vintage or older and partially assembled tow glider left to us by our father, who passed away in late January. He was a recreational pilot in the 1960s and 70s--until he settled down to start a family, and enjoyed following all things vintage, warbird (especially WWII) and homebuilt the rest of his life. He told us the glider is a 2 seat open cockpit, possibly ultralight, and the design is said to date back to a time period sometime around the 20s or 30s. He acquired it from an auction many years ago but never finished assembling it. The color photos attached are of the actual frame, and the black and white one was found in an incomplete set of assembly instructions. Sadly, the first two pages are missing making it even more difficult to identify what type of plane it is. If you are able to help us identify what this is, please contact me here and/or at hoppalori@hotmail.com. I can send the blueprints and more recent photos of the frame and plane wings via email if it will help. We are trying our hardest not to dismantle this to donate for craft projects, as it would be a much more fitting tribute to our dad's passion for aviation (and more respectful to his wishes) to find someone interested in buying and/or finish building it. Any help with this would be so very much appreciated. We will lose storage space for this plane by the end of the month. I know we are up against a ticking clock, but refuse to give up while we still have time. Thank you!

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