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Thread: Aviore, fine for boys but for girls...?

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    Aviore, fine for boys but for girls...?

    I asked my 8 and 6 year old granddaughters to independently look at, read, and review the first copy of the Aviore comic book. My personal opinion was confirmed when neither returned with a positive review. Perhaps they are still too young to appreciate it, but currently it is not something that they are attracted to and wish to read. The Aviore comic book may be a good idea but it is biased toward young boys. Anyone else feel the same way?

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    Maybe put him in pink tights!

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    I read the new Aviore comic, and I was mostly unimpressed. Keep in mind this is the first issue, so I don't know where of how it will go from here.
    My thoughts:
    -The villains were bland, ambiguous, and not at all menacing.
    -Jake Peregrine Howard, felt like a goody-goody, over-achiever who had access to amazing technology and opportunities for no apparent reason, except that he's supposed to be the hero.
    -The non-hero action felt forced and preachy.
    -The comic was over before anything really happened, if I'd payed for it I would've felt ripped off.

    Boy or girl, I don't think I would have enjoyed that first issue.

    The hero-action and villains felt a lot like the cartoon, SWAT Kats, but without the medium or experience to make it enthralling yet.

    While not really kid-friendly, The Rocketeer was a far more interesting aviation related comic for me, and I was hoping for something with that kind of seat-of-the-pants action feel from Aviore.

    I look forward to seeing where this all goes; I'm all in for a new aviation-centric comic.

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