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Thread: Kneeboard for a Quicksilver

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    Kneeboard for a Quicksilver

    Those of you familiar with a Quicksilver know there really isn't much of a cockpit, as we fly nearly as open as it gets. My CFI suggested I get a kneeboard for, especially for XC flights. Other then making my own, have you seen any that may be suited in the elements.
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    I have yet to see anyone needing or using a sectional to fly a quicksilver in my area. If you need a sectional to keep from getting lost flying a quicksilver, I believe a sectional is the least of your worries. How far does your CFI want you to fly this quicksilver on a x-country?

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    What happens if you lose control of the chart?

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    The 'ole MK-2A/C MILITARY KNEEBOARD should do the job. However, you'll need a tether for your crayon so it won't get lost in the breeze!

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    The few times I went XC in my Kolb Ultrastar I put a sectional chart sliver in a clear plastic map case with a Velcro strap around my leg. Don't need much more than that, it's not like you'll be jotting down clearances in a quicksilver.

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    May I suggest that rather than using a paper chart that you use a 7" tablet and one of the kneeboards built to secure a tablet? I have finally stopped carrying paper charts and do all of my navigating on a tablet with a moving map app. My setup is a Samsung Tab 7 that has a built-in gps and runs the Naviator app. Flew from NH to TX with no paper charts. The app is not expensive and you can use the tablet for many other things, like running a car navigation app at your destination.

    My tablet is in a case with velcro on the back. I actually modified a surplus MXU kneeboard to hold it. Added some aluminum and more velcro. But if velcro does not sound secure enough the RAM folks have some really good mounts, although they charge $$ for them.

    I will note that gloves don't work touchscreens well. But they make some liquid stuff that you put on the glove fingertips so that touch screens will recognize them.

    My ship is a Pitts Special and I have a very cramped cockpit, though out of the direct wind. For long trips I do have an old Garmin 196 as a backup. But I suspect that your cross-country flying will be less than 1000 miles.

    Best of luck,


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    LOL, WLIU, I have been known to use both - a paper sectional on one thigh and my 100 USD Nexus tablet on the other.

    Now, then, I'm up to the hangar tomorrow and I'll look to see where I got my kneeboard from. It's aluminum with a clicky-strap to go around the leg and a robust clip on one end to hold the sectional. It was actually produced by a flight simulation company, but is the best I've ever seen.
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    I've always made do with the infamous "one-cheek sneak". Rock over to one side, and tuck the chart under the tushie.

    Not as useful in a full-exposed airplane like the Quicksilver, I guess.....

    Ron Wanttaja

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    I like this small aviation kneeboard. It's compact and has a clip for a notepad, and a pen holder.

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