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If you all are so proud of your welding - where is the x-ray proof?

At the very least, you should be required to complete a set of similar type weld tests in front of a certified independent QA specialist. The test samples would be inspected visually first and if that is successful, then they get radiographed. With the criteria established that NO DEFECTS are allowed, the x-ray evidence will certainly weed out the poor and mediocre welders. The home builder should not be allowed to weld anything on an aircraft until he successfully completes the practical demonstration of his skills. When the successful candidate completes his aircraft welding, a certified weld inspector has to inspect and sign off on the air frame - before the home builder encloses it.

The above outlined solution, when compared to what is being done now - I believe aircraft crashes due to faulty welding should be an extremely rare occurrence.
Wait, are you sure you're on the right set of forums?

What you're suggesting is only certified welders be allowed to work on homebuilts, and that their work to be x-rayed and then signed off by an FAA inspector at every step.

At that point where is the amateur in amateur builder? One of the twin pillars of why Experimental Aircraft are encouraged by the government in the first place is Education. The second is recreation.

You're advocating something other than that, where only experts should be allowed to build and pilot their own aircraft, something that will not be looked on favorably by the EAA.