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Thread: Pelican vs ibis(or eagle) vs thorpedo vs GA airplane

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    Pelican vs ibis(or eagle) vs thorpedo vs GA airplane

    Hi all,

    Anyone have any info, good or bad, on any of these airplanes?
    Which one would you pic?

    Fyi: I'm a 120hr pilot from Pennsylvania, most all time in a 172.
    I am in a club, but it is getting over crowed and harder to schedule
    I started seaching for my own airplane and came up with these that would fit 90% of my flying and are in my price range.

    Ultravia pelican pl with a 1996 80hp rotax with 230hrs.
    Is the rotax engine an issue since it sat for 10yrs?
    Another member knows the plane and voched for the build quality being excellent
    Member said it was close to flying a Cessna, just easier...I'm assuming close, but would be more rudder dominates due to it being lighter?

    Ibis magic 700 (also the eagle EA 100) with a 120hp rotax, 53 hrs on both.
    I could make airstrip on my property for this stol plane, just need to cut alot of trees
    This one still needs finishing work, lights strobes, heater, lot of small things, but is flying
    Wind blew it over before wings and engine were on, damage was repaired
    Had a&p look it over and said damage was done in accordance with how it was built
    Motor bougjt on eBay, had prop strike and was sent out to get checked over and the zipper big bore put in.
    5k more expensive than others, however motor was done last year

    Thorpedo t-211 with jabiru 2200 and 153 hrs
    Cool design and supposedly very safe...light weight Cherokee
    Nicest panel and newest equipment
    This is a 2nd gen jabiru, one with the though bolts, lifter, etc.
    Can this be corrected with service bullitens?
    This sat a long time also, issues with that?
    Can only find specs for this plane with o200 on it, how would the 85hp jab compare?

    Cessna 150k with 970 hrs on motor, paint and interior good
    The useful load is low
    I belong to private airport with grass strip and haven't seen too many 150s fly out of there
    5k cheaper than others

    Cherokee 140 with 900 hr on motor, paint and motor ok
    Useful load is better and the third person would be a plus, but used very infrequently
    I am assuming alot more for annuals and fuel?
    I am assuming the Cherokee can handle the winds and turbulance better than all others due to weight and design?
    5k cheaper than others (same as Cessna)

    Any input would be most helpful!

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    Because of your low hours I'd go with the 150 or Cherokee.

    If you want to go with a homebuilt: the Pelican. But look it over carefully; an engine that sat for 10 years may need to be overhauled.
    The IBIS is not finished: figure years of building when you are new to building (yes years)
    The Thorpedo is a tail dragger: are you tail dragger ready? And issues again with the engine; asking for time and maybe problems.

    go with the flow, 150 or Cherokee and be prepared for costly annuals done by an A+P.

    Good luck.

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    Ok since you asked - we all get to voice an opinion but only YOU get to vote with your wallet - lol. It would seem the Cherokee offers the best bang for the buck....IF it is sound after a thorough inspection.

    I found this:
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    The thorpedo is a tricycle gear, but I agree about motor

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    I did see that link before.
    I am leaning towards the Cherokee, but the interior isnt the best and, like the article says, I'm worried about being under powered for the grass strip at the airport I belong to.

    The ibis is flying, I would just want to make it vfr night and add some stuff to the panel, it's really basic

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    The Grumman family of aircraft are probably in the range of your experience and priced much like the 150 and 140.

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    Do you want to fly? Or do you want a project to work on? If you want to fly, buy a flying airplane, a good example of what you want, e.g, one that needs no "refurbishing"

    If I wanted a project type plane, I'd go with the ibis.

    The cherokee would be my last choice cause I don't really care for cherokees and since I am biased I'd go with the 150.
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    One positive point about the Rotax 912 is that the cylinder walls are ceramic coated so the rings won't stick/corrode to walls. Pistons can sit for years without binding.
    Of course there could be other issues like cam corrosion if it was left in humid environment.
    I think the martymayes recommendation was sound; if you want to fly, buy one that is flying or else prepare for work and expenses.

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