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Thread: N-3 Pup plans?

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    N-3 Pup plans?

    Does anyone have a complete plans / instructions package for the N-3 pup by Preceptor Aircraft Corporation that they would like to sell? I guess the company went out of business one or two years ago. I have spent hours searching the web trying to get the plans for it, and couldn't find anything. I have been super interested in this ultralight for several years and as my luck turns out when I am finally ready and able to build it they are no longer available. I Have looked at several other aircraft but the main attraction that I have to the N-3 is the all metal construction especially the wings. If anyone has the complete plans or knows where I can purchase them please let me know.

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    There is a FlyPreceptor group on Yahoo. Some member of that group may have plans for sale. Check this link:


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    Thanks! I will take a look!

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