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Thread: Night Life and the Fun Fly Zone!

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    Night Life and the Fun Fly Zone!

    No one has mentioned it so far so I will. It was really fun except for a few things. Monday night they had the Concert with F16s flying by in the back ground(very cool), After concert party at the Ford pavilion with some smaller acts inside and refreshments, hot air balloon glow, and many fun acts at the ultralight area which lasted till 10pm. Great activities for campers and young people. There must have been about a 1000 or more spectators in the ultralight area till 10pm including my family. EAA was supplying a lot of bang for the ticket prices.
    The Few bad things about these events. Pretty much complete darkness in the ultralight area, very little transportation to and from, I must have walked 3 miles after 8pm that night. Imagine 1000 people walking back to their campers and bus tower area in total darkness. Not much to eat or drink either. Nothing like hitting the portapottie in total darkness to.
    Over all I liked it. Stuff to do from 7am yodel call till 10pm at night, EAA keep it coming and utilize all the capabilities of the grounds and entertainment available. This is what will push future Airventures above all other aviation events in the USA.

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    Jetguy, I'm sure it's harder with a family, but I always have food, water and a flashlight in my back pack. It's a mesh back pack so it's pretty light and the food is simple, Vienna sausage, crackers, potted spam spread, dry roasted unsalted peanuts in a zip lock bag with raisins. OK, I know some people are pukin" about now but, it works for me !

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    The Fun Fly Zone being promoted is pretty new. Maybe put suggestions on the survey EAA sends out so things can continue to improve down there?

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