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Thread: Oshkosh 2019.

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    I'm a bit surprised there has been no news so far this year concerning next year's AirVenture, except for a Nov. 21 item concerning the Homebuilt area.
    With the holiday season coming on this means it will probably be the end of January before we learn of any themes, anniversaries, special invitees, etc. That's another month and more of being curious!

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    I've booked my airfares from Australia and my accommodation at the U of W (Oshkosh) for 2019, so here's my wish list. The EAA should have some leverage with the historic and WWII aircraft community, so could persuade a few of them to bring their aircraft to Oshkosh 2019: Cobra (Air- or King-, preferably both types), P-47 Jugs (as many as possible), some of the 'planes that the Virginia Beach mob display at their excellent shows (-262, -109, Hurricane, Spit, Mossie, -190, Spad). Sprinkle it all with a few vintage jets (Vampire, Meteor, MiG / Lim, F4, TA / A4... ) and pretty-much everyone would go home satisfied. This Aussie certainly would...

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    Can't Wait!

    The RV Builders Facebook Group will be there!

    Give us a Like on our RV Builders Facebook Page!

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    I would love to see old and new historic aircraft like Columbine II, White Knight or White Night II from Mojave, A P-47 as someone else mentioned, an F104 Starfighter, F111 aardvark (are there any still flying?) and another appearance by the Tigercats.

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    With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on the Saturday before OSH (July 20th), I am hoping there is some recognition and maybe even an Apollo reunion of sorts...

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