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Thread: North 40 Camping and Car Parking

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    North 40 Camping and Car Parking

    Hello All.

    While registering and paying for my aircraft parking/camping space in the North 40 this year I was asked by the EAA staff member (at the registration booth) if I also needed a parking place for a car. I was a bit surprised with the question as I had never been asked this before.

    Can anyone confirm if there is car parking available for those camping with their plane in the North 40? Having the ability to park a car would allow me (and probably many others) to transport heavier items in the car (being driven by a family member) instead of in the plane. The next question would be if car parking is available does anyone know where the parking area would be and how much it would cost.

    Thank you for your help.

    Chris (I tried contacting EAA member services but they didn't have any information on the subject).

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    If it is, it shouldn't. Too many vehicles on the north 40 "perimeter" road as it is.

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