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Thread: Favorite Places to look for a deal on an E-EB plane?

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    Favorite Places to look for a deal on an E-EB plane?

    I want to buy my first plane, and I am leaning toward buying a used E-AB. If nothing else, window shopping while I try to work toward my PPL has kept me excited as I try to navigate the FAA Regs.

    For someone who is new to this, where is your favourite place to look for deals on aircraft?

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    400 and Trade-a-plane, but also keep your ears open locally. It's much easier to buy something local than it is to buy something across the country, either sight unseen, or with a financial and emotional investment before you ever lay your eyes on it.

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    Look local, get with your local chapters etc, hang out at the airport. I was hanging out at the airport helping a guy I know with his Champ when I met a guy who owned a nearby hanger. Long story talking and ended up buying his Rans S-14 for $5000 as he had lost his medical and just wanted it gone so he could stop paying hanger fees and insurance. 190hrs on the airframe and 146hrs on the Rotax 912. Its a great little bird to fly and Im timebuilding for my ATP mins @ 3 gal per hour instead of the $135 per hour I was paying to rent a 172.

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