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Thread: "Dry Run" a Class 3 Medical

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    "Dry Run" a Class 3 Medical

    I want to get my PPL, but I am learning why so few people get into GA without the intention of becoming a Commercial Pilot. Navigating FAA rules is exceptionally intimidating.

    I am looking to get a Class 3 Medical before I start training because I don't want to spend money going after my PPL if I can only get a Sport Pilot license. I have some medical issues, but none that are untreatable, and until I found a thread in this forum I was not concerned. Now I am afraid of what I don't know because I don't want to fail a medical and be unable to even get a Sport Pilot licence.

    Is there any way to "dry run" your medical to find out if you will qualify or if you will be flagged for an SI?

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    I don't know but I sure can't see why a guy couldn't have a regular checkup where his doctor looked at all the criteria needed for a 3rd class medical and then just bag it and stick to Light Sport if a problem was found. It might violate the spirit of the FARs but if you don't apply for a medical you can't fail one.

    Of course, maybe I just want to believe this as I'm getting up there in years.

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    Your average regular doctor has no clue as to what the certification hiccups might be. Even an AME would need the information of the scope that's on the MedExpress. Many will allow you to print it oiut and have it reviewed before an exam is commenced on a consulting basis. The ones that won't are not worth dealing with.

    Essentially, if you answer YES to anything in question 18 -or- you've had other than routine checks -or- you are taking any drugs, you'd be well advised to have an AME consult with you. Also, if you're vision isn't correctable to normal, don't have normal color vision, you have high blood pressure, or you meet the alleged warning criteria for sleep apnea, you also need to have that consultation.

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    In questionable cases the paperwork is sent to the FAA and their medical staff approves or denies the certificate. In a clean case the AME issues the certificate and sends in the paperwork, but when the FAA reviews the paperwork it may still create issues. They may cancel the certificate or require more information. This can frequently be resolved but the additional testing required may take considerable time and $$$. Once those issues are resolved you can then be issued the medical and will be able to continue flying as sport pilot when that medical is expired. If you do not resolve the issues the medical is denied or revoked and you lose the ability to use the drivers license medical for sport pilot operations.

    This is just one of the cases where the FAA motto "We are not happy till you are not happy" applies. Unless you have one of the issues listed above or DUIs or other red flags you should not be too concerned and it is comforting to know you have the history of having the medical. It will also open the door for flight with the new "Basic Med" operations. If you are 80% sure you can pass after the above recommended conversations and relatively young (as in EKG not required) I would advise to go for it. Some LODAs and waivers are quite easy to obtain so not meeting all the requirement in the standard physical should not be considered a can't do. Examples are color deficiency and one eye less than 20/40.

    It only gets more difficult and expensive with age. If you would like to preserve the PPL option go for it now, within reason.

    Your comment "I want to get my PPL, but I am learning why so few people get into GA without the intention of becoming a Commercial Pilot. Navigating FAA rules is exceptionally intimidating." shows that you have the "right stuff".

    Please post your results here when your make progress so others may follow in your footsteps.
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    My AME says some of his pilots come in for a "consult" to see if they would pass a 3rd class medical. If the answer is yes, then they do the exam. If you want to do that, you must not give the MedXpress reference number till you are sure you will pass.

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