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Thread: Economical X-country Camping Airplane

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    Economical X-country Camping Airplane

    I'm potentially looking for another airplane with which to do some x-country flying and camping from a second home. I love my little Titan Tornado I. It takes me (190 lbs) over 200 miles at 90 MPH, 4.0 GPH, good short field capabilities, with 75 lbs of camping gear, and was affordable to buy (values on the used market range from $7,000 to $14,000). I'm curious what other alternatives are available that match all those criteria in single or 2-seat homebuilts.


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    Supposedly, the Zenith CH-701 and CH-750 can cruise around 90 + with the right engine.

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    If you are interested in flying a taildragger then the Christavia MkI comes to mind as it offers good performance with an A-65 so with something like an O-200 it would be a rocket ship relatively speaking. They are pretty popular in Canada, which is a good sign for a rough and tumble design.

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    Then again, if the Titan is working for you, maybe you should just stick with it?
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