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Thread: Fisk arrival on Sunday

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    Last quote ...

    And no, I didnt make it on sunday ! I realized that my fuel status after 2:45 required a divertion to KATW Appleton ! Peter

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc20 View Post
    The issue Sunday was not that pilots did not follow the NOTAM. That was a symptom of the real problem. There were too many airplanes trying to arrive in the same airspace.
    True, but THAT was a symptom of yet another problem. Simply a weather problem. Bad weather Friday and Saturday pushed many hundreds of arrivals into Sunday, which is really busy anyway. And the Saturday rains softened the ground so they could not get airplanes off the runways fast enough. People who couldn't get in Sunday came back Monday morning causing unreasonable congestion on the arrival for a few hours then too.

    But it wasn't a failure of planning or of the arrival procedure or the controllers or even the vast majority of the arriving pilots. It was just a weather problem.

    Pilots deal with weather problems all the time, including bugging out for alternates, which is what I did.

    Weather problems to this extent don't happen very often at Oshkosh. The fact that they did this year is no reason to panic and go changing the arrival procedures that thousands of pilots are familiar with and that have mostly worked well for decades.

    So please pilots read and fly the NOTAM. But please EAA and FAA don't go making big changes to the Oshkosh arrival just because of some bad weather this year.

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    I sure agree with you, dont make a drastic change to procedures in response to a weather problem that is not likely to be done any better. Here's is what I did. I thought about flying up on Sat as I have done a few times before, but I checked the weather, didnt just head out and hope, and it was not good at all, imc along the route and at Osh. Sun morning was better but still imc at Osh so I knew I might have arrival problems in the afternoon. I could have stayed overnight along the way if needed, but it was improving as I stopped in Norfolk and then Decorah. Leaving Decorah as I got near Ripon ar 4pm I listened to arrival and heard the controller tell everyone to turn left and hold. I didnt see any point in trying to hold with a lot of other planes so I diverted to an outlying airport and got a ride to Osh in time to make a 6pm party. Now I had one advantage, I wasnt dependant on camping with my plane at Osh as so many people are.

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    When the field closes the FISK arrival is always messed up. Best to go park it somewhere and listen for airport to open and then leisurely make your way back to RIPON and hope the crazies have gotten out of the lake holds. They have historically NEVER worked.

    I suggest Brennand (79C). Great place to kill an hour. Went up their to take a shower a few years back and got stuck there because someone crashed on 27 .

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    I was 2 miles from Ripon on Saturday evening when they closed the Fisk arrival. I decided to divert to Fond Du Lac. When I contacted the tower I was told they had just started the Bonanza mass departures and that it would take about 20 minutes before they would take any arrivals. I told the tower I would hold and simply pulled the throttle back and went into a slow 20 minute hold south of the airport. A twin Cessna did the same and we had no problem staying clear of each other. The twin was cleared to land first and then me.

    I asked the controller if he knew of ground transportation to OSH and he came back and said there was none available. But then while on short final, he asked me if I really wanted to go to OSH. I replied affirmative and he replied the tower at OSH had cleared me straight in for 36. It was about 7:30 ish so I pushed the throttle to the firewall. I was cleared to land on the yellow dot so I thought someone was behind me (tho I did not hear anyone). I still had the throttle to the firewall crossing the numbers. As I was approaching the yellow dot at about 50ft AGL, I saw the flashing red/blue lights come on over on 9/27. Right after my mains touched down, the controller announced the airport was closed for anymore arrivals. I believe I was the last one in on Saturday.

    My take aways on why it worked out for me:
    1) I had preordered the NOTAM booklet and was prepared for several options
    2) I had plenty of fuel and had planned many what-ifs
    3) My persistence, patience and courtesy was noted by ATC and they did everything they could to help me
    4) The twin Cessna pilot and I cooperated to make it work for both of us

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    I'm pretty sure I heard you and saw you land. I thought it odd that ATC said something about being from Ripon. I wondered why you weren't doing Fisk. Now I know!

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