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Thread: EAA Virtual Flight Academy Support FAQs

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    EAA Virtual Flight Academy Support FAQs

    Thank you for your interest in EAA Virtual Flight Academy! Please use this thread to post your questions. Our partner in developing this new benefit is TakeFlight Interactive. They will provide second tier support for EAA members. These forums are your first tier of support. We'll do our best to monitor questions and post responses.

    Can I use a different version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X? It may work, but only Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition is supported.
    What hardware can I use? Please see the list from FSX Insider. Redbird offers members $50-500 off flight controls, and we're working with others to add discounts.
    Can I change the aircraft or airport? While it is possible to change the configuration file, we do not recommend it. FSX supports such modifications, but they will not be viewable when the EAA Virtual Flight Academy is operating.
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