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Thread: 1901 Original Flying. journal The Journal of Aeronautics

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    1901 Original Flying. journal The Journal of Aeronautics

    Would anyone know the best place to sell an antique perfect condition journal from 1901 called Flying. The Journal of Aeronautics. It is original and marked No. 1 and published in December 1901 by Iliffe & Sons Limited in London. Iíve done a pretty extensive search online and have never found one that has sold! The only reference I could find was from the Smithsonian who has had the issue transcribed. I think this is an extremely rare piece that should go to a serious collector and I just donít know where to start. This is pre Wright Brothers material! I appreciate any direction you might be able to offer! This was in storage with a lot of other ephemera from my great grandfather.

    I will attach a copy of the first page with the contents...

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    Sounds like you have a very exciting collectors item. Before you even think about a place to sell it, you need to get it properly and professionally appraised by a bonifide company like Sotheby's(or other well known trustworthy auction house). They have staff experts in various historical categories to determine authenticity, condition and what value it has in order to assign a price. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingGirl7 View Post

    humm, that looks like the book I wrote "Everything I know about Flying"

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    Google might want it. If they don't already have one. Google has a huge amount of old stuff online. My guess is the founder is an aero nut.

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