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Thread: Any documents/manual for Carwil Type-60T Compass?

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    Any documents/manual for Carwil Type-60T Compass?


    I'm looking for any instruction manual or documentation on the procedure to calibrate a Carwil Type-60 Compass, specifically I have a Type-60T that was just restored. I believe my model is a 1941 of which was followed by the Type 61 line, then the Airpaths. This model compensates with magnetic rods in 3 pockets on each N-S & E-W alignment. There are only 2 rods that were left in the compensation block and the gold end of the rod is the S-pole.

    If anyone has any information to please share it would be most appreciated. As well as a source for the magnetic rods as they are quite small 0.025" dia and 0.78" long.

    Thanks, Mark
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