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Thread: CGS Hawk

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    CGS Hawk

    What is the state of the company, presently? Their website lists no dealers.

    I have long wondered why the Hawk was not more popular vis-a-vis Challenger. The design seems at least as good, and it avoids issues like the yaw stability thing. (Not that the Ch is not a great plane - I've owned one and it is.)

    After a nearly 10-year layoff I am thinking about flying again and looking at Hawks now. Just for something different.

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    Company has new owner from 2 or more years ago.

    I understand he is shipping aircraft/kits but not into heavy promotion like Challenger was

    good plane though.

    Spoilerallert. I have not delt with new owner just spoke with him on phone and ask opinions of others.
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    The company definitely exists, they have a booth at Ultralights with 2 aircraft. Don't know their status as I didn't stop to chat.

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