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Thread: Airventure-Related Spam

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    Airventure-Related Spam

    Got a spam email today, offering to sell me an attendees list for Airventure 2018.

    I'm registered as a federal aerospace contractor, so think they got my address from that. Still, a bit weird. The sender domain came out as; trying to surf to it get gets me the front door of an email system.

    No big deal, I'm sure EAA isn't involved. Doubt if the offered list actually has specific people, I suspect they just siphon off the vendor list from the Airventure site and try to peddle it.

    Otherwise, if any of you claims you were there, I'll be able to check if you really were. :-)

    Ron Wanttaja

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    There was something said from EAA recently stating that it was a scam.

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