I tried to convince the EAA that I built my Grumman in my living room but they were all skeptical.
They said I would have to camp in the N40 this year which is fine but last time I went to Airventure, I was in a RV-10 (sorry didn't mean to plane drop there)
But I was in HBC and the accommodations were fantastic. I showered twice when I didn't even need to just because the showers and bathrooms are much nicer than what I have at my house.

Speaking to a friend yesterday and he said the N40 is a little bit more earthy with respect to maintaining hygiene and such.

Are we relegated to our own facilities or is one allowed to cross the barrier into another area perhaps under the guise of having a friend that fly's a homebuilt plane.
Oops while visiting him, nature calls and so this person prances to the HBC restrooms/showers and handles things there?

I don't want to be halfway through a shower and someone comes in and sees I have the wrong color bracelet or something and gives me a piggyback ride back to the North 40.
I don't mind being carried wet and naked on a guys back back to my side of the tracks, I just want to save others the visual.

Any tips, truth to the difference in accommodations at the different areas or is it a non issue.

-Bryan with a Y