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Thread: Help needed with propeller identification

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    Help needed with propeller identification

    This set of propeller blades is being offered for sale in my area. The owner has no history or provenance of them whatsoever based on the information painted on them or what aircraft they might have come from. Despite the misspelled words, I am intrigued. Mt Farm and Chalgrove were RAF airfields where the US flew photo/reconnaissance missions I believe with P-38's (F-5's), Spitfires and P-51's as escort. The blade shape seems unique to me. Can anyone identify them?
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    Are those prop blades silver-painted wood?

    The bases of the props don't have the gearing/etc. one would expect from a standard variable-pitch propeller.

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    My guess is that they might be static display, since the dont look operational with no base to secure them. I am pretty sure they are not Spitfire or T-6 or P-51.

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    They appear to be something like a Hamilton Standard steel blade. The profile is not all that unique. The shank has been welded on probably to facilitate display. For all we know they were spares that were never mounted on an airplane. They would make a good bollard for the front corners of somebody's hangar. Or you can hang them on the wall and make up a wild story about how it's a propeller from the plane of a WWII Ace.

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    The owner states they are metal props. It's not a typical Hamilton standard prop as seen on the B-17, etc. I own a Hamilton B-17 prop and it looks nothing like this. I have a Spitfire prop as well, which is wood and again, no similarities. It appears there's little, if any twist in the blade either-rather flat. The flared out portion of the paddle as well as the skinny taper at the base is throwing me off and as rwanttaja mentioned, no gearing at the base. Something about it seems familiar, but I cannot place it. I'm hoping if it's from a military aircraft, some of my fellow warbird nerds might recognize the shape.

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    Long shot, but I wonder if they might be some sort of helicopter tail rotor blades.
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