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Thread: Loss of Control - inadvertant spins

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    Wolfgang (Stick and Rudder) said most of those turning final spins are because the pilot thinks the ailerons are the bank control. So they get slow on base to final and then rapidly try to unbank from the turn with just aileron and that draggy down going aileron drags the wing back into a spin.
    Should have used plenty of rudder to unbank when flying slow with the stick back.
    (sort of what Cub Builder said)

    I say don't overuse the rudder (skidding) while banking into the turn. But banking into the turn usually isn't the problem. The problem is getting out of that turn because after some time the aircraft slows and the pilot has a lousy pitch sight picture so gets near stall. Best to lead with top rudder getting out of that turn. But most lead with aileron.
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