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Thread: EAA trying to save money?

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    EAA trying to save money?

    I used to get a new card every year, but the last couple of years its just been a sticker. You cant even read hardly anything on my 3 year old card and last years sticker is already gone. I don't have my number memorized and am proud to be a card carrying member, but please give me a card I can proudly show.

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    I wrote and asked for a new card. They said it would take two weeks, and please take care of the card as they are only sending them out every five years. But they did send me a replacement.

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    I wish there was an option to tell both EAA and VINTAGE not to send me the card and the other junk they send me. It all goes straight into the trash.
    The only time I need to demonstrate my EAA membership, they look it up for me (registration at Oshkosh). I actually do have my number memorized but I think the last time I typed that in was to create my account on the main EAA site.

    Ron "403437"

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    Hello scuba72, send an email to and request a new card if your card is heavily worn. Thanks!

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    Is there any thought into creating a "digital" card that could be accessed on a smartphone? I know this wouldn't appeal to everyone,but it's an idea

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