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Thread: Neediing Some T-6 Time, please

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    Neediing Some T-6 Time, please

    If anyone will have their T-6 at Oshkosh and has a spare seat open that they'd like to share, I would really like to renew my T-6 fetish. I have never owned one, but have been lucky enough to have friends share theirs with me. We used to have 2 based on our field here, but the owners passed on. I probably got 10 hours solo in them and bout that much dual also.One owner had taught in 6s in the war, the other had flown in combat in Korea, so it was special to fly with them. Really good airplane! I have a T-6 rating, ok I know its not actually a type rating,. Ive flown about 5 different models of 6s and SNJs and even got to fly a Harvard in Canada. That was a hold your breath flight since it had the original type mixture control where you pull it aft for full rich, just opposite of U S planes. I kept repeating to myself on landing, "Dont touch that mixture knob." I'd never flown a Harvard before and Im responsible for the owners nice plane. Other than the mixture it was easy.

    So if you have a seat open for any flight outs at EAA or local flights Id love to tag along. Of course, not for free, I would contribute to costs and I know what it costs. I am somewhat qualified as a mech and familiar with normal service on T-6 etc. I do have formation and acro ratings , but am a little rusty at T-6 acro. I don't have any warbird trading plane right now, but a turbo Bonanza.
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    Bill, I can't help on the T-6 time, but reading this post brought up a question about your Spitfire. How's the repair/restoration coming along? I've seen it at Oshkosh in the past and look forward to hopefully seeing it again!
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    Rod, yes I brought the Mk IX to EAA for most of 25 years, glad folks enjoyed it and I sure did. Most years it was either the only Spitfire there or at least the only one flying in the warbird show. Im partial to Spitfires and think they were an vital part of WWII ,but we are in America and U S planes have center stage. There was a great early Mk IX by Collings Foundation in the showcase last year and it won an award, think it was runner up overall to the A-20, but the Spitfire didnt fly.
    My plane is part way through restoration, the engine was sent for a full overhaul as it had some hours even if running well. The engine should be about finished and its a matter of paying the balance and the physical act of picking it up in California and returning it to Colorado. Most other work such as wing overhaul has been done, one major thing remaining it new propeller blades, and they are available, but expensive.
    Thanks for your asking about the Spitfire, we just passed the 35th anniversary of when I bought the plane and I still haven't flown anything that is in its class. I haven't flown an early Mk I or Mk V, said to be many pilots favorite plane, or a Bearcat or Zero.

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    Thanks for the update Bill, I always enjoyed seeing your Spitfire when I was a kid. Good luck with your T-6 time, she's my favorite.

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