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Thread: Green dot topic suggestion- eaa museum aircraft

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    Green dot topic suggestion- eaa museum aircraft

    Hal, Chris, tom, and crew- keep up the great work with the green dot eposides. I have an eposides suggestion- discuss the EAA museum aircraft. Chris' guided tour during my leadership academy was great. If the podcast would order the aircraft discussion in a pattern a visitor is likely to walk they could listen to it during their museum visit. Suggestions:
    -Paul flying the xp-51 to the museum after some interesting horse trading
    -signifance of the eagles and red devil flight team in the entrance
    -tall vertical tail on paul's p-51 and the close call it represents

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    Just so you know, we've been talking about this idea a lot this morning. This could be a really fun episode, or, more likely, pair of episodes. I suspect it's something we'd look at doing after AirVenture.

    Thanks for listening and especially for a great idea!

    - Hal

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    Jim Owens
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    Jim owens
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    viking powered sonex builder (almost ready to fly)


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